Resometer Details

Print Quality...

Are you just keeping
your fingers crossed ?

Finally !   The $374 Resometer TM

   Easily measure the image quality
   and resolution of your electronically
   printed pages.
   All sizes of operations can improve
   their printed images by using
   the Resometer TM

   The Resometer TM helps you increase
   image quality, customer satisfaction
   and return from your operations.

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See Testimonial Page
for the entire quote:

  • "The product was unbelievably easy to use......"

  • "....What is great about Resometer TM  software is the fact that it allows us to compare different rips on the same press with different variations of paper stock. "

"....To date we have not seen any other tool that can do what the Resometer TM  has done in helping us manage our imaging."

Technology Watch, LLC
Box 2206
Springfield, Va   22152   USA


Technology Watch Resometer TM  for ink and toner image quality assurance resolution standardized reference measurement test form tool target evaluating output device and comparing resolution, x-y addressability, contrast, tone level transfer curve, step wedge, screen, tint, type, ray spot line, imaging directional distortion, doubling grid, moirés, print index characteristics of digital electronic printing devices and RIP settings performance attributes rendering capability digital ink jet plotter wide format press printing halftone tint vector bit map raster printer inking degrading measuring printed paper substrate comparison of imaged detail for iGen3, Nexpress, HP Indigo, Epson Canon V7000, DC 8000, DC 250, DC 7000, DC 5000, Xeikon,Oce, IBM and other devices.